Academy of Sports Medicine

Keeping Them In The Game

Sports Medicine education explores therapeutic careers in the exercise science/sports medicine profession along with the educational requirements, roles, and responsibilities associated with the various career paths.

The Sports Medicine Academy at Mary G. Montgomery High School introduces students to the interdisciplinary subspecialty of medicine through engaging and compelling real-world challenges in and around athletics and other physical activities. Students work with teams during practices and games in preparing for performance on the field, and assist with injury and athlete recovery. The curriculum is written by professional certified athletic trainers and consists of three consecutive courses:  Foundations of Health Science (FHS), Human Body Structures and Functions (HBSF), and Sports Medicine Fundamentals (SMF).  

Foundations of Health Science

Students are introduced to the Health Science Career Cluster and pathways that include therapeutic services, diagnostic services, health informatics, support services, and biotechnology research and development.  Students learn to identify various health career paths, educational requirements, job descriptions, career ladder options, and employment opportunities.

Human Body Structures and Functions

Students learn structures and functions of each body system, anatomical terminology, and the disease process as it relates to health care workers in the 21st century.

Sports Medicine Fundamentals

Students learn the many pathways to a career in sports medicine. They learn to identify workplace readiness skills in the sports medicine industry and have the opportunity to participate in clinical assignments with the MGM certified athletic trainer. Students have the opportunity to take skills learned and apply them in the real world, while assisting the certified athletic trainer in sports medicine coverage at athletic events.