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Welcome to the Mary G. Montgomery Library!

The Mary G. Montgomery Library offers a variety of resources for students and teachers. As school librarians, we are here to assist you in research or in choosing materials for recreational reading. Visit and use your library often. Take advantage of our many new titles, displays, and other materials selected with your needs in mind.

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The library is open each school day from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Students are required to have a pass to enter and exit the library during the school day.


A. Pearce
Phone: 251-221-3153

D. Breedlove
Phone: 251-221-3153

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The Mobile County Public School System has purchased over 1,000 ebooks, audiobooks, and magazines that are available to all of our students through Sora. Watch the videos below to learn how to access Sora and how to check out materials using Sora. MGM Library has also purchased additional ebooks, so our students have access to additional ebooks.

Sora eBooks - A Quick Overview

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How to Check Out eBooks

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There are over 16,000 books in our collection. The reference collection is available for in-library use and our other books are available for circulation. Students may check-out two books for two weeks. Books may be renewed provided there is not a demand for that particular title or subject matter. Students with overdue or outstanding fines must clear their record before borrowing additional materials.

Lost Materials

Lost materials or those damaged beyond reasonable wear must be paid for at the purchase price. If this information is not available, an appropriate amount will be charged. Students have the option of purchasing another copy of the material in the same format. (e.g. hardcover book, periodical, paperback book).

Location of Materials

Our library is arranged according to the Dewey Decimal Classification System (nonfiction). If you are unfamiliar with the system, ask for help from a librarian or student library assistant. Nonfiction books are located on the shelves along the walls of the library. Fiction books are shelved on the short and tall bookshelves alphabetically according to the author's name. Reference books and biographies are located on the right side of the library.


Atriuum is a computerized card catalog that allows anyone to locate books in our library collection. It provides students with descriptions of the books ranging from book summaries to Accelerated Reader information. Books can be searched for by keyword, title, author, subject, or series. Atriuum will also provide information about whether the book is available or checked-out. If you need assistance with Atriuum, please see a librarian or a student library assistant.


Current issues of magazines are on display and available for in-library use. We have a variety of magazines from People to Sports Illustrated.

Printers and Copy Machine

Unless students are with a class, they must pay .10 per page for printing materials. All pages will be printed in black and white. Students may also make copies for .10 per page.

Media Management Classes

Students who are interested in becoming a student library assistant must apply for Media Management. The application can be found under the Forms section on this website. In order to be considered for the class, please complete the form and return it to a librarian.

Library Rules and Procedures

  1. Respect the rights of others to work effectively.
  2. No food or drinks.
  3. Appropriate language only.
  4. Show care when using all library resources.
  5. Unless you are visiting with a class, you must have a pass to visit the library.
  6. Please sign in at the circulation desk when you enter the library and give us your pass.
  7. Please return your books on time.


Student Chromebooks

MGM students receive a Chromebook and charger at the beginning of the year. If students have an issue with their school-issued Chromebook, they can come to the library with a pass. We encourage students to bring their Chromebook and charger, so we can determine if the issue is with the Chromebook or charger. If a student has a Chromebook that needs repairs, send the student to the library and we will give them a replacement Chromebook to use while their Chromebook is being repaired.

Student ID Badges

New students must have a pass with their first and last name in order to have a badge made. If a student has lost his/her badge, a new badge can be printed at any time during library hours for a $5.00 replacement fee.


Students enrolled at Mary G. Montgomery will receive a textbook for their math class. Once a student has a textbook checked out to him/her, the student is responsible for the appropriate use and care of the textbook. All textbook damages must be reported within 24 hours of checkout or the student will be held responsible for the damages to the textbook. Students are financially responsible for any damages to the textbook during the loan period. Please make every effort to return the textbook to the library in good condition. If the textbook is not capable of being repaired or reissued, the student will need to pay for the textbook. Students who return textbooks with damage that is capable of being repaired will be charged a repair fee corresponding to the damage incurred.

Textbook Guidelines

  1. Never write or draw in your textbook.
  2. Always keep your textbook dry. A wet textbook will grow mold; we cannot accept any textbooks with mold growth.
  3. Protect your textbook from rain.
  4. Keep your textbook in an environment with low humidity. Do not leave textbooks in car trunks. Textbooks can grow mold in this environment.
  5. Write your name in the front of your textbook with a pen.
  6. Keep food, drinks, pets, and younger siblings away from your textbook. You are responsible for the damage they do to your textbook.
  7. Never leave your textbook in your class or loan it to someone. You are responsible for your lost or stolen textbook.
  8. Be careful with textbooks in backpacks. Food or drink can damage textbooks stored in your backpack.
  9. Do not place tape on the textbook. It can tear the cover and rip off the barcode.
  10. Treat the textbook with care. If the textbook is constantly dropped, the spine of the textbook will be damaged and you will have to pay a fee for the damage.
  11. All math classes have a scheduled time at the end of the course to return their textbooks to the library. It is your responsibility to bring your textbook on the appropriate day at the scheduled time.
  12. Only return textbooks to the library to a librarian. Do not give your textbooks to a teacher or leave it at the circulation desk in the library.


Please be advised that students are financially responsible for all textbooks and library books checked out from the library. Students must pay for all books that are lost or stolen.  Students who decide to keep textbooks in their classrooms do so at their own risk. Many times a student will get a textbook mixed up with another classmate. When this happens, the student is still responsible for the textbook checked out and listed on his/her account.  

NOTE:  Students will NOT be allowed to check out any new textbooks until the lost or stolen textbook has been paid for and the fine is clear.

Textbook Fees

If the textbook is not capable of being repaired or reissued, the student will need to pay for the textbook. Students who return textbooks with damage that is capable of being repaired will be charged a repair fee corresponding to the damage incurred. If the barcode is removed from the textbook, the fee is $3.00.


Click here for instructions on how to attempt to repair a book that gets wet.


MGM Policy Manual

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