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Academy Applications

8th Grade Applications for the 2024-2025 School Year

8th Grade Signature Academy Application Timeline

  • Application period: January 9th- February 9th. You can apply a
  • ONLY 8th grade and Barton Academy 9th grade students are allowed to apply. Students can only apply one time!
  • The order of school selection matters. If MGM is your first choice, you must select us as your first pick.
  • All information and confirmed dates will be posted at

  • A Google email address will be required to complete the application.  Email is our primary method of communication.
  • A student can only submit an application once.
  • There will be NO transportation provided for Signature Academy Transfers.
  • The deadline to apply is February 9, 2024. 



What are Academies?

The Academies of MGM High School are designed to provide programs that appeal to all of our students. The academies are designed to provide training in student interest areas that will prepare them for post secondary life. Academies offer students the opportunity to engage with guest speakers, field visits, mock interviews, job shadows, and internships. The Signature Academy of MGM is Biomedical Sciences with 2 pathway options: PLTW Biomedical Science and Sports Medicine. Please check out all 8 academies.



Does every 8th grade student have to apply for Signature Academies of Mobile County?

The application process is designed for students that are interested in attending the Signature Academy of a school. MGM's Signature Academy is Academy of Biomedical Sciences. Students that are zoned for MGM are not required to apply for the Signature Academy application process. If you do not live in the MGM zone and are interested in attending MGM for the Signature Academy, then you will need to use the Signature Academy application. Students that live in the MGM zone may attend MGM without an application. They will select the Signature Academy or Academy of their choice during their Freshman year.

Can a student transfer into MGM under ANY academy?

Students can only transfer into MGM High School through the Signature Academy: Academy of Biomedical Sciences. A transfer is needed because the student does not live in the MGM school zone. 

Pathways: PLTW Biomedical Science or Sports Medicine

How are academies implemented?

At the end of the student's freshman year, they will select an academy of their choice unless they chose to transfer using the signature academy. Each student will be required to take three (3) academy courses throughout their sophomore, junior, and senior years to become a completer. You can see the list of course offered at MGM High School for each of the academy pathways. Throughout the academy courses, students will learn skills and gain hands-on opportunities that pertain to the specific academy career fields.
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