MGM's Cyber Vikings

Cyber Vikings is a Club for MGM Girls interested in learning about programming and cyber security. 
Team members participate in the annual Girls Go CyberStart competition sponsored by SANS Institute.

Girls Go CyberStart

Girls Go CyberStart constists of three rounds:  Access, Game and Compete.
Cyber Start Access

At the end of the 2019 CyberStart Assess round, MGM had the 3rd highest combined registration and participation levels across Alabama.

For placing 3rd in the State, the team was awarded a $500 gift certificate to Amazon.

The funds were used to purchase programmable drones for use in our Computer Science classes.

CyberStart Game

The CyberStart Game round of the competition has a game-like format divided into three sections: Headquarters, Forensics Base and Moon Base. 
Students work their way through the challenges, learning such things as cryptography, password cracking, digital forensics, open source intelligence gathering and programming.

Two members of the MGM Cyber Vikings team won individual $500 scholarships for their achievements in the Game portion of the competition:

Lauren McDonald
Isabelle Evans

CyberStart Compete

2019 was MGM's first year competing in the contest.
We did not score high enough to advance to the Compete round of the competition, but we look forward to trying again in 2020.

2019 MGM Cyber Vikings

MGM Girls Who Completed Five or More Challenges:

Sarah Addison

Halee Arthur
Victoria Buckles
Jillian Cavasino
Sumerlynn Cochran
Langley Davis
Katherine Dearmon
Lily Durden
Isabelle Evans
Alexanderia Heacock
Catelyn Johnston
Leah Jones
Aeleh Keith
Erica Lee
Camille Mask
Lauren McDonald
Amy Milam
Madison Morgan
Susanna Oditt
Brianna Orso
Allison Scott
Mandy Seales
Lydia Stroud
Lauren Wilson

Girls Go CyberStart