Summer 2021 Trip to Europe


The trip to Europe this summer was postponed to next summer, which means you once again have the opportunity for the trip of a lifetime.  We are visiting Berlin, Prague, Munich, the Swiss Alps, and Paris over 13 days next year and it is a trip filled with history, culture, beautiful sights, and memorable experiences, including seeing the Mona Lisa at the Louver! Although this is a fun trip, it is not a vacation.  The trip is arranged through a professional education travel company, EF Tours, that MGM has used on 3 prior trips. If interested, a meeting will be scheduled at the school as soon at restrictions are lifted and details will be discussed.  Yes, parents/grandparents can go, as well.  Contact Mr. Crabtree by email and he will get back in contact with you later.  Provide the student’s name, the potential travelers’ names, and phone numbers.  Jump on this opportunity quick and get ready to see history with a new perspective.