Educational Talent Search Program

Educational Talent Search

What is the Educational Talent Search Program?

  • Educational Talent Search (E T S) is a federal program funded by the United States Department of Education.
  • E T S is designed to improve academic performance, increase student motivation, and facilitate transitions from one level of education to the next.
  • This program is offered at no cost to students and/or parents.


 How to become a participant?

  1. Complete an application form - Click here for the form or there are paper copies outside of Guidance.                                                   
  2. Meet the following eligibility categories:
  • Income eligibility (U.S. Department of Education Income Chart established by the Census Bureau)
  • First generation college student (Neither parent or guardian graduated from a four year college)
  • An at-risk student with an academic need for support       


 What are the services offered?

  • Counseling & Advising (Academic, Career, Vocational, and Enrichment Activities)
  • Tutorial Sessions (ACT, Math, Science, English, and etc.)
  • Study Skills Training
  • College Preparation
  • Financial Aid Counseling and Scholarship Information
  • Assist High School Seniors With College Admission and Financial Aid Applications
  • Sponsor Educational and Cultural Trips
Nine Notable Facts