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New Tardy Policy
Posted On:
Friday, August 05, 2011




The first five minutes of class are crucial to creating an atmosphere for instruction and should be a time during which teachers may devote their full attention to setting a tone for class, organizing activities, stating objectives, and beginning instruction.

When the tardy bell rings, teachers should close their doors and take attendance. Students who are tardy should be sent to tardy retract. The teacher will send an e-mail to the retract teacher containing the name of the students who were sent and the time they were sent.

All discipline referral for tardies will be generated by the tardy retract teacher.

•· All students must be allowed to make up any work missed while in retract.

Students tardy to 1st block that sign in less than 30 minutes before 1st block is dismissed will spend the remainder of 1st block and all of 2nd block in tardy retract.

1st - 2nd Tardy Student is logged in grade book and sent to tardy retract

3rd Tardy Student sent to tardy retract. Retract teacher will contact parent.

4th Tardy Discipline referral and student is assigned after School Detention for one day

5th Tardy Discipline report and student is assigned to Retract for 2 days

6th Tardy 2 day suspension; Coded as a B-5 Willful disobedience

7th Tardy 3 day suspension; Coded as a B-5 Willful disobedience

8th Tardy or more- Administrators discretion

*** Cumulative tardies may result in more severe discipline action. ***

Teachers can help by reminding students of the following suggestions to prevent tardies:

1. Students should not try to go to lockers between every class. Materials for morning classes should be organized before first period; materials for afternoon classes should be organized during the lunch.

•2. In case of emergency illness, students should report immediately to the office rather than going to the restroom. Students must sign the log in the office before going to the sick room. Only when the student is in first aid can the tardy be documented and excused. Diabetic students should keep medicine, a sweet beverage or a candy bar in the office. Students should never report to the drink machines during class since no one is there to assist them if they are ill.

When a student enters the room before the tardy bell rings, teacher should not allow them to leave the room again without a hall pass. Teachers should not suggest to students that they can leave "if they can get back to class before the bell sounds or if they can get back to class without a pass." If student s have a legitimate reason to leave the room, teachers should ask them to wait until the halls are clear and then write the student a pass. Only in cases of emergency should a teacher send a student without a pass.

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