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Homecoming Dance 2017
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Friday, September 08, 2017
Homecoming Dance
Homecoming Dance


SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 23 7:00 – 11:00 P.M.





  • Tickets may be purchased for MGM students and their dates during lunch waves in the cafeteria on September 11-21 or until tickets run out.
  • Tickets will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.
  • No tickets will be sold on Friday, September 22.
  • Tickets cost $30 per person.
  • No tickets will be sold at the door.
  • A ticket may only be used for the person it was purchased for originally. Tickets may not be given to any other person to use.
  • A ticket must be presented for entry to the dance.
  • Lost tickets will not be reissued.
  • Ticket refunds will not be issued for any reason.


  • Students who are bringing a date who is not an MGM student must pick up a date permission form outside of room 405 and turn it in when the tickets are purchased September 11-21.
  • No middle school students or adults 21 years of age or older are allowed to attend the dance.
  • Dates must be enrolled in high school or must have graduated from high school.
  • If the date attends another high school, he or she must have his or her principal sign the date permission form.
  • If the date has graduated from high school, a photocopy of his or her ID must be submitted with date forms.
  • No date forms will be accepted after ticket sales end 4th lunch wave on September 21 or after tickets run out.
  • Attire is semi-formal. Students and their dates are expected to observe the basic standards of modesty, good judgment, and good taste.
  • Dresses should be knee-length. No plunging necklines, excessively deep back lines, exposed midriffs, exposed undergarments, or extremely short dresses or splits are allowed.
  • Dressy slacks should be worn with a collared shirt and tie. A coat is optional. No jeans, sagging pants, tennis shoes, flip flops, or hats are allowed.
  • The personal grooming policy of MGM must be adhered to at the Homecoming Dance. This includes the following: Neon or bright color hair will not be allowed. Piercing is allowed in students’ ears only. No hats or headwear is allowed.
  • Students wearing clothing deemed inappropriate for a school function will not be allowed into the dance, and no refund will be issued.


  • Dancing may not be sexually explicit.
  • There is to be no sexually suggestive dancing, below the waist contact, “freaking”, “grinding”, or groping.
  • Students who do not adhere to these rules will be required to leave the dance, and no refund will be issued.

Policy Revised 9-24-13 per MCPSS Central Office


  • To ensure student safety, MGM staff, in conjunction with the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office, will utilize a variety of screening procedures to ensure that no student is in possession of or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. These procedures may include administering breathalyzers to each student upon entrance to the dance.
  • Any student who violates the school’s drug/alcohol policy will face suspension as well as arrest by the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office.


  • Re-entry is not allowed into the dance at any time for any reason.
  • No outside food or drinks are allowed into the dance. Soft drinks will be available for purchase for $2.
  • Party Buses and Limos are not permissible.
  • Jim Owen Studios will be at the dance to take photos, and payment is due at the time pictures are taken.


  • MGM students or guests who do not adhere to the Homecoming Dance policies and procedures will be required to leave the dance, and no refund will be issued.

Information & Forms

Room 405

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