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What are Academies and Pathways?
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Thursday, August 28, 2014
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What are academies & pathways? Which academies and pathways will we have at MGM this year?

One issue that we have when trying to talk about academies is all of the lingo that gets thrown around. What is an academy? What is a pathway? What is the difference? Aggggg!!!! It can be enough to make your head spin. Here is the low down. The academy design is set up very similarly to a university. You go to a University and within that university you are enrolled in a particular college and major in a specific subject. The college is like the academy and the major is like the pathway. We have five academies at MGM this year: Teaching & Learning, Agriscience & Industry, Business & Technology, Humanities & Public Service, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics). Each high school in Mobile County is also going to be required to have what’s called a Signature Academy. This is the academy that your school will be known for. It is the one that will be marketed and the one that MCPSS will allow transfers. Our signature is Teaching & Learning. Underneath each of these academies are pathways. Within Teaching & Learning, students can choose Early Childhood, Elementary, Secondary, or Special Education. Agriscience offers a pathway in Agriscience, Agrimechanics, and a Faulkner option. In the Business & Technology Academy students can choose between Business Management & Administration or Finance. Within the STEM Academy, students can choose a Biomedical or Engineering pathway. Lastly, there is Humanities. Humanities & Public Service is very broad. This academy has a few options. Students can choose a focus on the arts, foreign language, or ROTC.

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